Burnside P400 Series GSM Tough Phones

Burnside P400 Tough Phones


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P400 Series Data Sheet


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for taxi & private hire

The case of the Burnside Tough Phone is moulded in glass-filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion. It is weatherproof to the IP65 standard. The case contains a standard cellular phone SIM and a multiband omnidirectional antenna. External antennae are available as accessories. The Cycoloy handset is secured to the case by a high breaking strain stainless steel cord and is provided with inductive coupling for hearing aid users. When located in a moving vehicle or at sea, the handset will remain on hook at angles of up to 90 degrees from the vertical. If the handset is left off-hook the telephone will automatically reset itself to enable incoming calls.

P400 Series Features

  • Works with worldwide quad band GSM networks
  • Uses a standard mobile phone SIM card
  • Immediately deployed, without the cost and delay of landline installation and rental
  • Powered by AC mains with rechargeable battery (or solar cell power option)
  • Inductive coupler for hearing aid users
  • Wall, post or desk mountable
  • Robust and weatherproof to IP65
  • Vandal-resistant handset and stainless steel cord
  • Ideal for use in open air or marine locations
  • 15 button programmable autodialling (0,3,6 button options coming soon)
  • GSM-Railway versions