Burnside GSM Phones

Burnside GSM Desktop Mobile Phones are designed, tested, manufactured and supported in the UK, and are available from a number of mobile network operators. Customers already using these products include Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, the Metropolitan Police and the Cabinet Office. These phones provide:

  • Simple installation by anyone, without using a manual
  • Ease of use and comfort of a desktop phone
  • Use-anywhere flexibility of a mobile phone
  • Clear visual display for messages and status
  • Hands-free mode with speaker phone
  • Full support for SMS text messaging
  • Internal address book supports caller ID
  • Speed-dial from address book
  • Hot-dial for automatic dialling of preset number when handset is lifted
  • 28-key phone pad with on/off key
  • Wall-mountable unit



Burnside Desktop Mobile Phone in the office