Burnside TX-Series Fixed Cellular Terminals



TX-Series Model TX-2 TX-2LR TX-3 TX-3LR
3G Module    
2G Module    
Landline connection (FXO)    
Relay for phone to landline backup in event of battery failure    
Automatic mobile selection on PSTN line failure    
Automatic line selection on number prefix or manual override    
Call progress announcements
'Follow Me' call forwarding from landline to mobile    
USB data connection
Battery backup for 24 hour operation
Battery backup for 48 hour operation
Micro PABX Auto-Attendant function    
Configured by DTMF dial codes
Monitext control and monitoring via SMS
Remote management
Call logging
Firmware over the air (OTA) updates
Over the air (OTA) announcement updates
Use terminal as an SMS gateway
Mag base aerial (3m cable)

Mobile generation and frequencies

GSM Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz (2G)
UMTS (WCDMA) Penta-Band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz    
  ●  Standard, ○  Optional

Suggested selling prices (excl. VAT)

Standard Kit with battery backup POA £159 POA £225
Kit with optional failsafe switch-over relay POA £179 POA £245