Important Safety Information

Operating environment
Make sure that no special regulation is in force that imposes restrictions on the use of mobile telephones. Restrictions to mobile telephones would also apply to this phone.

Electronic devices
Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals. However, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your phone.

Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimum separation of 20cm (6 inches) be maintained between a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker. The same restriction should apply to the external antenna of the phone. If you have any reason to suspect that interference is taking place, switch off the phone immediately.

Hearing aids
The phone radio signals may interfere with some hearing aids. In such event move the antenna as far away as practical or consult your hearing aid supplier.

Other medical devices
Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, including the phone, may interfere with the function of inadequately protected medical devices. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF energy or if you have any questions.

Switch off your phone in health care facilities when any regulations posted in these areas instruct you to do so. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.

Radio transmission equipment
While Burnside products are designed to conform to international standards regarding the acceptance of radio frequency interference, certain installation locations may interfere with their proper operation. We recommend that Burnside equipment is not installed in close proximity to any equipment that generates RF signals (for example, radio transmitters), and is located as far as possible away from it or in a separate room.

RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles (for example, fuel injection systems, anti-skid (anti-lock) braking systems, speed control systems, airbag systems). Check with the manufacturer or its representative regarding your vehicle. You should also consult the manufacturer of any electronic equipment that has been added to your vehicle.

Potentially explosive atmospheres
Do not install the phone or site the antenna in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere, and obey all signs and instructions. Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, clearly marked. They include chemical transfer or storage facilities, vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas (such as propane or butane) and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust or metal powders.